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Stawi is a solution designed for entrepreneurs to grow their business. The service provides you with a digital account for business operations, allowing you to manage payments and collections, which in turn opens up access to easy credit to help business development.
  1. Why choose Stawi? 
  • Stawi offers long-term instant loans that can be used to improve business cash flow.
  • Stawi members enjoy lower interest rates on loans, at 9% per annum.
  • You can easily open and operate a Stawi account through your mobile phone, without visiting any branch to fill out account opening forms.
  • Easily move money in and out of your Stawi account through M-PESA.
  • It offers easy access to credit for entrepreneurs who may not have proper records and assets to support their borrowing.
  1. Who can benefit from Stawi?
  • Registered Kenyan citizens.
  • Business owners who are unregistered and have a business permit or registered for sole-proprietorship.
  • Formally registered companies.
  • Banked or unbanked businesses.
  • Businesses that have a turnover of KES 50,000.00 to KES 250,000.

How to Register for Stawi