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Collection Solutions

With our collections solutions, you can ensure that all inward funds are reconciled in an orderly referenced manner which can significantly reduce the cost of reconciliation, improve your customer service and allow for a quick follow-up on delayed receivables.

Our commitment to innovation ensures the delivery of tailored client solutions that aim to enhance the experience and solve challenges at all stages of your organisation’s financial solutions.

Online Cheque Deposit

This is a safe and convenient way to deposit cheques into your bank account from the comfort of your office. Simply scan your cheques at your premises and upload them into our online cheque deposit solutions for real-time credit to your account.

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Cash Deposit Machines

If you receive most of your business payments in cash then this machine is the solution for you. Deposits made through the cash deposit machine are credited to your account on a real-time basis enabling efficient cash flow, enhanced security, ease of reconciliation and time-saving.

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Cash in Transit (C.I.T)

Benefit from tailor-made C.I.T collections solutions to suit your business needs. We have the experience to ensure the efficient and secure transportation of cash from your appointed location in East Africa to your bank account and from the bank to your appointed location.

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Direct Debits

Recover money due for services rendered by, with your customers’ consent, directly debiting their accounts with any bank in Kenya.

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Postbank Agency

NCBA has partnered with Postbank to offer services to customers all over the country. Your business can fulfill individual or bulk payouts such as dividends, allowances, and casual salaries through Postbank. 

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In-Branch Collections

Get reduced rates on large deposit amounts at any of our branches. Just walk into any of the NCBA branches that make up our wide network countrywide.

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M-Pesa Buy Goods

Set up your business account to receive payments directly into your current account through a bank-issued M-Pesa till number for 0.5% to 1.5% per transaction value. Don’t have an account with us? All that’s needed is a simple migration that we can easily integrate with your accounting systems. 

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M-Pesa Paybill

We provide you with your own Paybill Number to enable easy payments to your account. Lipa na M-Pesa is a safe and convenient solution for payments from your customers.

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