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Payment Solutions

We are here to help you identify the transactional, debt, investment and insurance solutions that best suit your business and institutional requirements. Whether you have high volumes of transactions, need to borrow funds, earn interest on excess liquidity or protect your assets, NCBA Bank has all the financial solutions at your service.

Bulk Payments 

Obtain cost-effective transaction rates for multiple and/or large sets of transfers with our flexible Bulk Payments solutions that allow you to transact up to 200,000 transactions in a single bulk file.

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Tax Payments

Conveniently make your KRA Domestic Tax and Customs Tax Payments (CCRS), and Kenya Trade Network Agency (KENTRADE) payments through our internet banking and in-branch services. 

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Host to Host

Ideal for your large volumes of transactions, this is a secure and automated two-way payment data transfer service that enables you to initiate transactions from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems directly into your account, without manual intervention.

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Dividend Processing  

Avoid reconciliation challenges by disbursing dividends to your shareholders through all of the above transfer methods, including cheques. We can make it even easier by preparing and processing the payments, delivering the prepared cheques to the registrar for shareholder collection, or notifying the shareholder on collection.

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Mobile Money

Transfer money from your account to any M-Pesa mobile money account on a real-time basis at any time including public holidays. You can also transfer funds into your own M-Shwari savings account and accrue interest instantly.

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API Integration

Make single payments from your systems to your beneficiaries through easy API integration with us.

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Enjoy the convenience of real-time transfer of Kenya Shillings from one bank account to any other bank account in Kenya that is connected to Pesalink. Payments can be effected in bulk or single file and will be received by the beneficiaries on a real-time basis at any time including on public holidays and weekends.

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Postbank Agency

NCBA has partnered with Postbank to offer payment services to customers all over the country. Your business can fulfill individual or bulk payouts such as dividend payments, payment of allowances, and salaries through Postbank’s countrywide network.

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Statutory Payments

Conveniently make your KRA Domestic Tax, Customs Tax Payments (CCRS), and Kenya Trade Network Agency (KENTRADE) payments through our Internet banking or at any of our branches.

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