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Remarks By NCBA Group Managing Director John Gachora During The Launch Of NCBA Golf Series

January 28, 2021

Good Morning and a happy new year!

I wish to begin by thanking you all for honoring our invitation for the launch of NCBA 2021 Golf series.

Today marks the beginning of a tour to 20 golf clubs across the country as highlighted by the Group Director: Marketing, Communications & Citizenship Rosalind Gichuru. Thika Sports Club will have the privilege of hosting our opening round this Saturday on January 30th.

Ladies and gentlemen,

With the launch of the all-new NCBA Golf Series, our goal is to facilitate the growth of the local golf here in Kenya and in the process make Kenya an international golf destination.

Sports sponsorship remains an important area for us because it is transforming the lives of many Kenyans. Golf remains a sport that is yet to be fully appreciated in Kenya and our participation in this event is in the hope that we can encourage especially more young people to develop as much interest in golf as they have in other sports discipline.

It is for this reason that as part of our noble imitative of supporting young budding talent, the main Series will run alongside the NCBA Junior Golf Series. The junior tournament will cater for the budding golf talent in Kenya for children aged between 6 and 18 years and will include 2-day golf clinics intended to shore up the junior competition.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In addition, as a business, we believe sports sponsorships is a key avenue towards reaching out to our stakeholders across the country. We are therefore, proud of our golf sponsorship novelty over the years (previously as CBA and NIC) as an avenue of networking with our current and potential customers.

We appreciate the confidence the golfing fraternity has demonstrated in our brand in the last few corporate golf tournament we have hosted as NCBA. With this launch, we certainly see this as a long-term partnership with mutual benefits both for the golfers and for the bank as well, in terms of extending our reach across the country.

Ladies and gentlemen: Allow me to make a quick overview of NCBA as a business.

In October 2019 we begun a wonderful and exciting journey to build a highly responsive, customer centred bank of the future not only in Kenya but in the rest of Africa. That journey is what lead to the birth of NCBA bank.

Besides bringing us closer to our aspiration of being the biggest bank in Africa, NCBA is all about our customers who stands to benefit from the improved financial stability, distinguished portfolio of products and services, continued innovation and investment, and more diverse and stronger sponsorship partnerships like this NCBA Golf series we are launching today. And this is because size and scale in key businesses now allow us to offer our customers and clients a wide choice of products and delivery methods.

I’m therefore happy to say that NCBA has given us a better opportunity to fulfill our vision for our customers and all other stakeholders.

Ladies and gentlemen: Our goal is to revolutionize Kenya’s banking landscape and position ourselves around those things that matter most to our individual and business customers: flexibility, simplicity, convenience and dependability. 

We aim for our customers to identify us as a bank that understands and anticipates the needs of our diversified clientele, responding with innovative solutions and consistently delivering knowledge, creative ideas and excellence in execution.

Ladies and Gentlemen; We are therefore a truly African bank that strive to empower our customers’ daily goals, nurture their greatest ambitions and believes in their go-getter spirit.

This sets us apart from the ordinary bank because ours is a new kind of bank. A smart bank geared for the future. We are built on ambition, drive, collaboration, commitment and innovation. inspiring greatness is embedded into NCBA’s DNA.

Ladies and gentlemen: With these few remarks, I would like to thank you all for being part of the NCBA 2021 Golf series Launch. 

I now declare NCA 2021 Golf series officially launched.

Thank you for your support and may God bless you all.

Thank you.