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Visa Spend Clarity

Visa Spend Clarity for Business credit card allows businesses to get a clear view and full control of employee expenses on the go with alerts and notifications of spend. The business can track staff spending, categorize expenses and set up and manage each employee with specific, personalized spending controls and transaction limits. Your NCBA Business Visa Credit Card is embedded with this simple yet powerful tool to access and sync expenses, generate reports and set employee spend controls*

Features that streamline your financial processes

  • Track spending and set transactions notifications from your desktop or mobile device Set card spend controls by role, card, amount, location and time of day.
  • Run custom reports
  • Add photos of receipts and notes to each transaction.
  • Customize transaction categories
  • Split transactions by dollar amount or percentage
  • Push transactions to accounting solutions including Intuit QuickBooks® Online and Xero™


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Need a NCBA Business Credit Card?

Please contact us through your Dedicated Corporate Relationship Manager or Call NCBA Contact Centre for assistance Mobile: +254 711 056444/+254 732 156444 or email

Helpful tips

  • Use your NCBA Business credit card instead of cheques/cash to pay suppliers. This way, you can skip the effort that comes with manual tracking and easily manage your spending through Visa Spend Clarity for Business.
  • Easily customize each of your employee’s business credit cards so you can control where, when and how they are used. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that your employees are using their cards appropriately and for business-approved expenses.
  • After signing up, take the time to set up transaction categories. For example, if you ever use your NCBA Visa Business credit card for personal expenses, you can create custom transaction categories, such as “Personal” or “Tax Deductible”. You’ll save so much time come tax season!
  • Did you know you can connect your accounting software to Visa Spend Clarity for Business? This enables automatic transfer of data, saving you the time and effort of manual entry. Visa Spend Clarity for Business supports integration with Intuit QuickBooks Online version, Xero, Concur and Sage. ( this can be set up by administrators nominated by the company).

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