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Gold Credit Card

NCBA Gold Credit Card gives you access to a range of lifestyle services that complement your status and lifestyle. Enjoy an excellent selection of travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle opportunities with this card.

Card Overview


Up to 599,999

Credit Bonus

Up to KES 5,000

Buyer's Protection

Up to KES 100,000

Features and Benefits

  • Buyer’s protection plan up to KES. 100,000 or USD equivalent.
  • International Emergency Assistance covering repatriation, legal and medical services anywhere in the world.
  • Minimum monthly payments of 10% of spend and revolving balance.
  • Savings on foreign exchange charges when spending in US dollars.
  • Credit Card currency can be issued in Kenya Shillings or USD if income is in USD.
  • Balance Transfer: Consolidate all your credit card balances into your new credit card, provided balances are within your card limit.
  • Up to 75% of available card limit withdrawals at any bank branch or via ATM.
  • Consolidated monthly e-statements.
  • Check your credit card balance anytime using Online or Mobile Banking.
  • E-payment date reminders.
  • Get notified via SMS when you use 75% of your credit card limit.
  • Enhanced security for online transactions through One-time Passwords, Pin and Chip technology and Verified by Visa (Visa) (OTP) sent to the cardholder.

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