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NCBA – KMI Motorshow 2023

June 19, 2023

After a four-year hiatus, The Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMIA) (Chairman: Mr Naresh Leekha and his abled team) are pleased to announce that NCBA – KMI Motor show 2023, will be held from Friday 15th September 2023 to Sunday 17th September 2023, at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall, Nairobi – Kenya. Apart from all active KMI members, we are looking for new partners and players in the automotive field and other industries that work closely with the principal association.

More than 20 automotive and ancillary brands have confirmed their participation and are excited to present their latest models and offering at the latest technology display covering the entire exhibition space and the parking lot at Sarit Centre, Nairobi. This year’s theme is “The Connection” where exhibitors can showcase the variety of experiences through the endless development of automotive technology, especially the introduction of a new way of travelling in the new era to everyone.

Participating Brands include Kingsway Tyres, Silverstone, Inchcape, Subaru, Autoexpress, Crown Motors, Salvador, Tireworld, GB Motors, Crown Motors, Tata International, Simba Corporation, Sairaj Ltd, Scania, Mobikey, CFAO Motors, Caetano, to name a few. We are expecting to host over 10,000 attendees this year.

We are proud to announce that this year, we have a new Title Sponsor – with a sponsorship of Kes 8,000,000.00, NCBA Bank Kenya PLC, an entity that creates for the future and drives the country’s dreams by inspiring its people to achieve more with their money and thus their lives. Positioned amongst the largest institutions in East Africa and a true market leader in Asset Finance, Corporate & Digital Banking.

Speaking during the partnership announcement event, the Group Managing Director, NCBA Group, John Gachora said that this partnership is a demonstration of the joint commitment by NCBA and KMI to supporting the growth and development of the automotive industry in Kenya by leveraging the respective expertise, resources and networks to drive positive change and foster a thriving automotive sector.

“As leaders in asset financing in Kenya and East Africa, we share in the goal of creating sustainable transport in Kenya, by providing access to affordable financing options.
Financing has been a key driver for businesses to take up assets that will help them scale up their production. At NCBA our commitment as a trusted financial partner is to enable the growth of business by offering tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers” He added.

NCBA is the current market leader in asset finance, commanding a market share of 36%, and assisting clients to acquire new and used movable assets at competitive interest and term rates.

Our target this year is to grow 15 – 20 percent in the number of visitors and excite the end user with creative & engaging campaigns that target all viable age groups and profiles. We are sure that The NCBA – KMI Motorshow this year will be another edition that expands the potential and greatness of organizing the event to promote the economy and develop the automotive business in Kenya. With a substantial amount of money invested in the show, it helps create job opportunities in construction, design areas and other related fields. The aim is to ensure a positive effect on all entrepreneurs in the automotive industry and other related businesses.

Throughout the past 10 years, KMIA as the organizer has consistently improved many new services to facilitate all exhibitors and visitors as well as provide new experiences, especially by applying digital technology to disperse information, ticket distribution, data collection for one and all. We are confident that this year will prove to be more entertaining and involving with many interesting and engaging content activities in place.

As KMIA we believe that the automotive market is special with unique characteristics and although online marketing practices will definitely be there in the future, the Motor show still holds its uniqueness which is not just being a special modernized automotive show, it is an event that creates a positive vibe in the market. Consumers who visit the show have an opportunity to make decisions and have a variety of choices under one roof. This definitely helps stimulate the economy and sales in the industry both during and after the event.

We encourage you as a prominent media house and a society influencer to pledge your support in helping KMIA pave this path of positivity and liveliness in the market.

Location: Sarit Centre, Karuna Road, Nairobi Kenya.
Exhibition Space: Sarit Centre Expo Hall, Atrium and the Car Park facing Karuna Road
Dates: 15th – 17th September 2023